What’s the buzz with Stabilizers?

What’s the buzz with Stabilizers?

What is a Boat Stabilizer?

In both recreational and commercial craft, new builds and retrofit, stabilizers prove their worth, reducing vessel roll and increasing onboard comfort, safety and improved fuel economy.

Improving stability on your boat has been shown to reduce skipper and crew fatigue, thus improving safety when anchored and while underway, manoeuvring and docking.

The ability to hold a position at anchor and reduce roll while underway in all conditions opens up boating to people who may have been reluctant to experience time on the water because of seasickness.

In addition, minimal roll means less wear on your vessel and its equipment, leading to savings in maintenance.

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The Quick Gyro Stabilizer

From the Italian nautical manufacturer Quick®, based in Ravenna Italy, the MC²X series stabilizer is the result of many years’ research resulting in technical solutions that guarantee simpler operation and reduced maintenance in a smaller machine.

Since its January 2018 global debut, the Quick MC²X has been bought by boaties all around the world.

In Australia, Gineico installed the Quick MC²X on the 44ft game fisher, ‘Megumi’. Captain Matt Sander, a skipper of 30 years’ experience and currently at the helm of ‘Megumi’, said the Quick MC²X stabilizer has “made an unbelievable difference.”

“It adds to safety and stability and seasickness has dropped 70 percent. We’ve really noticed the difference crossing the South Passage Bar between North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island, especially on a run out tide, and with the added challenge of wind.

The boat doesn’t pitch from side to side. It just makes for a comfortable day out whether for charter guests or private use for the owner and his family.”

How does a boat gyro stabilizer work?

The outstanding performance of the MC²X gyro stabilizers sets them apart from other gyro stabilizers on the market. The MC²X series stabilizer delivers market-leading performance of up to 95 percent roll reduction.

The Quick® patented revolutionary vertically spinning mass generates less heat and, as a result, the MC²X gyro stabilizers do not require water cooling systems. This means no need to install and maintain pumps or anodes, plus faster spool up time and easy to switch off walk away and spool down. Maintenance is limited to periodic checks.

The vertically spinning mass central to the Quick MC²X boasts simple, off-the-shelf bearings on either side that share the load. This design means the weight is evenly shared which means less friction and therefore a machine that reaches operating speeds faster and uses less power/energy.

MC²X units are more compact than competitor brands, quieter, simpler to install and maintenance work can be performed on board, even while the vessel is in the water.

Suitable for vessels up to 250 tons the new Quick MC²X stabilizers can be managed using the new remote touch panel with graphic display (multi-station compatible) available in sizes 4” and 5”.

You can record stabilization performance via the MC² Mobile app which can be viewed on both iOS and Android systems. Importantly, Quick offers a worldwide 2-year/2000hr warranty.

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