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Swim Ladder Series 2375


Telescopic ladder in watertight box with retractable and self-erecting handles made of mirror-polished AISI 316L stainless steel for boats and ribs.


The handles move up and down automatically only by rotating the ladder, simplifying boarding from the water and also ladder recovery. The ladder and the handles slide-out at the same time from the frame. Steps in oval stainless steel have a water-draining hole, welded stainless steel lateral sealing caps and non-skid pads.


The ladder also features a locking safety lid that ensures that it cannot self-deploy when cruising and an extremely reduced mounting space when stowed. Available with non-slip pad or wood insert steps.


This ladder meets the criteria of the new amendment to ISO 15085



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Additional Information
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 47 × 47 × 12 cm

3 with non-skid grip, 3 with wood splint, 4 with non-skid grip, 4 with wood splint


360mm, 400mm, 480mm, 425mm, 525mm, 510mm


430mm, 455mm, 955mm, 1115mm