Gineico Marine - 2022-iNFINITY PORTHOLE5v2
Gineico Marine - 2022-iNFINITY PORTHOLE5v2 Gineico Marine - 2022-iNFINITY PORTHOLE5v3 Gineico Marine - 2022-iNFINITY PORTHOLE3 Gineico Marine - 2022-iNFINITY PORTHOLE2 Gineico Marine - 2022-iNFINITY PORTHOLE5v4



INFINITY FINE LUXURY DESIGN – dare to be unique.

INFINITY is the first integrated porthole on glazing to obtain RINA certification in 2014.Over the years it has become an icon of its kind by implementing new solutions that have made it the best performing product in its category to date. The use of certified material such as INOX 316L allows for maximum performance at mechanical resistances. Its gasket developed with a specialized laboratory allows the sash to be the only one with high HIR High Impact Resistance advancing its use even in commercial use boats. It allows the air exchange of rooms so as to eliminate pollutants and harmful to health such as viruses and bacteria. By ensuring proper air exchange, it will be possible not only to make rooms healthier, but also to ensure the right temperature and humidity level in order to guarantee the correct thermal comfort for the inhabitants. Natural ventilation assumes that there are essentially the elements of the air source, the force that moves it, a means of controlling its velocity and expelling excess air.
Thanks to natural ventilation, it is possible to keep the humidity level in rooms under control: this ensures healthy air and avoids the risk of contracting unpleasant health problems. Let’s look at the different air exchange techniques involving natural methodology. The double-glazing is made by means of tempered safety glass with internal application of anti-humidity salts. The interior design, is distinguished by the use of satin-finished aluminium components with micromoles for the release of the components that allow perfect inter-caped insulation from the outside. Screen-printed crystals on the perimeter allow for a black aesthetic finish that contrasts with INFINITY’s mirrored polish.

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