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Water Heaters

Stainless steel construction (external cylinder, water tank and heat exchanger)
Vertical or horizontal mounting options
Capacities from 80 L to 400 L, with or without heat exchanger
Voltage: 230 VAC single phase or 230V/400 VAC three phase
Power: 1,5 kW to 12,5 kW

More Details

Inlet / Outlet ports: 3/4” up to 120 L – 1-1/4” from 150 L to 400 L
Temperature regulation from 10°C to 90°C
Three-phase dedicated safety thermostat. built-in thermometer
Secondary hot water recirculation outlet to maintain required temperature at all water taps


For your enquiries please specify:

  • capacity
  • power
  • voltage
  • mounting option
  • heat exchanger option (with or without connection to the engine cooling system)


We can help you define the model required for your application.

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