Quick Gyro Stabilizer

MC²X series boat stabilizer

Quick Gyro Boat Stabilizer is the only gyro that can be used in any sea conditions and at any boat speed.
Don’t turn it off when things get rough!
Quick Gyro

Innovative technology

The MC²X Quick Gyro mass spins vertically. Not horizontally like other stabilizers on the market. This means our machines are smaller and are air cooled.

Lower maintenance costs

The MC²X Quick Gyro is simpler. No vacuum chambers, no heat exchangers, no sacrificial anodes, no cooling pumps...There is no compulsory replacement of parts.

Easy to Install

The MC²X Quick Gyro small size makes them easier to install. The fact the gyros are air cooled means you do not need pumps and plumbing.

MC2 Quick Gyro boat stabilizers can reduce boat roll up to 95%. The vertically spinning gyros are effective at full speed as well as at anchor.

The MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers spool up faster (you don’t need to wait for it to spool up before you go out) and when you have finished boating for the day, you simply switch the gyro off and walk away! No need to wait hours for the mass to stop spinning.

With the MC2 Quick Gyro on board, your comfort is guaranteed regardless of the sea conditions or speed of the vessel. Unlike other brands you can use your Quick gyro in any conditions and at any boat speed.

Our wide range of models covers applications from the smallest 20ft day cruiser or centre console through to superyachts. We have the right Gyro for your vessel.

What Our Gyro Customers Say


Why Quick anti-roll gyro stabilizers are better?

  • Market leading anti-roll output and largest range of Gyros
  • Simple air cooled operation
  • Small compact design and easy installation
  • Smarter reduced maintenance costs
  • No cooling pumps to service
  • Faster spool up time or even spool up while underway
  • Easy switch off and walk away spool down
  • Remote control with instant stand-by mode so you can control the handling of your boat
  • Gyros that work in any sea conditions and at any boat speed
  • Worldwide 2 year 2000hr warranty

MC²X Remote Control

MC²X stabilizers can be managed using the new remote touch panel with graphic display (multi-station compatible) available in sizes 4” and 5”.

MC² Mobile App

Mobile App records the performance of the stabilizers during sea trials. MC² Mobile App can be viewed on both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).
Gineico-Marine-Quick-MC2-Brochure-Cover Jan 2021-768x484

Download the MC²X Quick Gryo
Stabilizer Brochure

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    Enjoy a stress-free day on your boat every time you take it out! See how the Quick Gyro is the Smallest, Simplest and Smartest for your Trailer BoatSEE MORE

    Quick Gyro Stabilization
    For Trailer Boats


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      QNN – Quick Nautical Network

      The revolution that allows Quick Spa products to be integrated and controlled from your plotter or instrument screens, making instant management of your onboard systems simple and relaxing.


      The QNN – Quick Nautical Network is an innovative gateway that can radically improve life on board. On the one hand the QNN (Quick Nautical Network) facilitates Quick products management, allowing the user to control the interface easily and directly on the chart plotter. On the other hand the QNN – helps to highlight the clean lined aesthetics and design of the latest generation of boats, allowing the operator to controlling a range of quick products with only the chart plotter screen on the dash, even if the vessel has multiple helm stations.

      The revolution is based on intuition and technology. It is possible to integrate the QNN to any cutting-edge chart plotter compatible with HTML5 protocol. Thus far Quick Spa has formalised collaborations with international companies including Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad, B&G and Lowrance.

      By simply selecting the QNN icon on these plotters, the user can access the QNN homepage where there are six different functions (MC² Quick Gyro Gyroscopic Stabilizers / Quick Anchoring system / Quick Thrusters / Quick Battery charger / Quick Inverter /  Quick Lighting system) which can be managed directly from the screen.

      The QNN system is compatible with Plotters and Displays: Garmin, Raymarine, Furano, Simrad, B&G and Lowrance

      Gineico Marine - Quick Gyro Stabilizer - QNN v2

      Download the QNN Brochure

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