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MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers can reduce boat roll up to 95%. The stabilizers units are effective at speed as well as at anchor.

Our range covers applications from the smallest boat – e.g. day cruiser or center consoles – to superyachts with no limitations of installations.

The MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers can also be easily installed during the refitting process. MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers offer unique features, which are the result of careful research, aimed at achieving highly competitive performances while assuring maximum safety.

With the MC2 Quick Gyro on board, your comfort is guaranteed allowing you to enjoy all your special moments also at rough seas.


Why Quick anti-roll gyro stabilizers are better?

  • Market leading anti-roll output
  • Simple air cooled operation
  • Small compact design
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • No cooling pumps to service
  • Faster spool up time
  • Easy switch off and walk away spool down
  • Touch panel remote control with instant stand-by mode
  • Gyros that work in any sea conditions and at any boat speed
  • Worldwide 2 year 2000hr warranty
  • Mobile app to measure gyro performance

MC²X Remote Control

MC²X stabilizers can be managed using the new remote touch panel with graphic display (multi-station compatible) available in sizes 4” and 5”.

MC² Mobile App

Mobile App records the performance of the stabilizers during sea trials. MC² Mobile App can be viewed on both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).


MC²X  Quick gyro stabilizers

for boats up to 250 tons

The MC²X Quick Gyro Stabilizers offer excellent performance with the boat at anchor or underway. The outstanding performance of the MC²X gyro stabilizers sets them apart from other gyro stabilizers on the market.

The patented vertical spinning mass in the MC²X makes the units more compact, simpler to install and means that any maintenance work can be performed on board, even with the boat in the water.

The revolutionary vertically spinning mass generates less heat and as a result, the MC²X gyro stabilizers do not require water cooling systems. This means no need to install and maintain pumps or anodes. Maintenance is limited to periodic checks.

MC²X remote control & mobile App

Convenience and control

The MC²X Quick Gyro Stabilizers are equipped with a remote touch panel to control the operation of the stabilizer, from activation (ON / OFF) to monitoring of performance and maintenance control. With MC²X you can record stabilization performance via the MC² Mobile app, which can be viewed on both iOS and Android systems.

Boat Stabilizer

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  • In both recreational & commercial craft, new builds & retrofit, stabilizers prove their worth, reducing vessel roll & increasing onboard comfort, safety & improved fuel economy. Along with skipper & crew fatigue....

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