Released in 2019 Quick Gyros are the only boat gyro that spin the mass vertically as opposed to horizontally. This innovative design makes the Quick Gyro SMALLER, SIMPLER and the SMARTER option for any vessel from 20ft up.


Hear from Luke Fallon as to why Stand-by mode is a critical feature for his boat and business, and how Adaptive Precession means better performance for the boat and liveaboard trips out on the reef.
Also see the gyro in action when The Captain does an independent sea trial on a Boston Whaler 420 Outrage.

Ask an owner.

Q&A sessions with Luke Fallon, Captain –
Kekoa Sports Fishing

The Captain Test Drives The Gyro.

First independant sea trial on a
Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

Innovative technology

The mass inside a Quick Gyro spins vertically like a bicycle tyre. This revolutionary patented design released in 2019 makes our gyros the market leader when it comes to size and anti-roll performance in any sea conditions and at any boat speed…

Lower maintenance costs

The unique vertical spinning mass of Quick Gyros turns at lower RPM than other brands of gyros. That means faster spool up, less bearing wear, no need for vacuum chambers, no need for water cooling. Our less complicated system means you are not forced to spend a fortune on yearly maintenance.…

Easy to Install

Quick Gyros are generally 30% smaller than any other brand of gyro on the market and we have 13 different models in the range. That means you are never forced to compromise on performance. You get more anti-roll torque for your money and our installations are always easier and less expensive…

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    Why Quick Gyros Are Better

    Quick Gyro boat stabilizers were only released in 2019 and are the only boat gyroscopic stabiliser that spins the mass vertically as opposed to older brands of gyros that spin the mass horizontally.

    With 13 different gyro models in the range as well as DC or AC powered options, we have the perfect gyro for the smallest 20ft centre console through to your largest superyacht.

    Why are Quick the fastest growing gyro brand in the world? The innovative and unique design of our gyros means significant advantages over other brands of gyros on the market. Here are some of the advantages….

    If you want more anti-roll performance for your money, you need to have a Quick Gyro!

    Rolling Reduction 95%

    The adaptive precession system constantly monitors the roll of the vessel and adjusts the gyro response and resistance. This ensure that the gyro delivers the highest possible anti-roll torque in any sea conditions.

    Smart compact design

    The comparatively simple vertically spinning mass design of our gyros means our Gyros deliver market leading anti-roll torque from a unit that is 30% smaller.

    Easy Installation

    Our Gyros are up to 30% smaller than other brands. Furthermore our gyros are air cooled. This means our installations are faster, easier and less expensive in any vessel with no need to run plumbing or cut holes in the bottom of the boat.

    Horizontal axis rotation

    Our mass spins vertically so our axis rotation is horizontal. This means a bearing on either end of the shaft work together to deliver the anti-roll torque. Reduced bearing stress means better performance and reduced maintenance.

    Fast spool up to rated RPM

    Fastest spool up on the market means you can drop the mooring lines and head out faster to your favourite spot.

    Air Cooled

    Our gyros are designed to work in ambient air temperatures up to 55°c. You can fit our gyros anywhere on your vessel.

    Low noise

    Removable sound proof panels on all sides make our gyros quiet.

    Reduced maintenance

    Simple design means no complex systems that require expensive monthly or yearly maintenance.

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