Q.1 Why can’t my order be sent straight from Italy to my address so I do not have to pay for local delivery?

A: We pride ourselves on our high quality and standards, so all our products come directly from the manufacturers in Italy to our Queensland Warehouse where they are opened, checked & repacked prior to being booked for local dispatch to you.

Q.2 What is the number one item/fitting on a boat that when replaced makes a huge difference to enjoyment of a boat?

A: Quick Gyro Boat Stabilization – allows for boat enthusiasts to enjoy boating in all weather conditions, as these clever innovative Gyros reduce boat roll by up to 95%. This means the whole family can enjoy boating as the reduced rolling motion means reduced sea sickness. The revolutionary patented design of our vertically spinning Gyros means our units are smaller and easier to install than all other boat gyros on the market. Quick are now the market leaders in boat gyro stabilization technology.

Q.3 What is the number one trap people fall into when refreshing or refitting their boat?

A: Not researching the available options and falling for cheap ‘off the shelf’ hardware that breaks or deteriorates quickly because of poor design and quality. Made in Italy stands for excellent design and quality. Gineico, a company with over 40 years’ experience guarantees it.

Q.4 How does Gineico approach the project management of a boat refresh?

A: To help the customer find the right products for their refit, our team either go to the boat, or we offer a “fly and buy” service to our refit customers, so we can fly the customer to our showroom at GCCM. This means we can work closely with the customer or his team to understand what they want to achieve and we can use our 40 years of experience to suggest fittings that will last and solutions that are practical. We then work closely with the team through the refit and provide on-site factory trained technical support to ensure we achieve the desired result without any hassle.

Q.5 What is the most exciting product you would recommend to someone undertaking a refit project of their boat?

A: The addition of a Quick Gyro Boat Stabilizer will revolutionise your boating experience. This incredible product completely changes the way a vessel handles conditions and increases the comfort onboard during a passage and when at anchor.

Q.6 How do you select the products you represent?

A: Gineico visit our suppliers in Italy twice a year. We are also Italian and we speak the language. We spend hours meeting with manufacturers and designers to give them practical advice on how to make products better. Just like Italians, we love boating in Australian. The big difference is how we go boating in Australia….. Our typical customer in Australia does many more miles and is often a long way offshore in heavy seas. That means a product needs to be beautiful but it also needs to be practical and well-built so it can withstand the conditions.

Q.7 What is the difference between light power source typologies: Power LED, SMD LED and Halogen?

A:  Most of our lights are available in three different element types: Power LED, SMD LED and G4 halogen.

Our Power LED is the ultimate in LED technology. It offers impressive light output and low power consumption without compromise. A cluster of three 1 watt LED chips in the centre of the fitting provide the most natural light effect, in the same style as a halogen .  As standard, the Power LED module comes in 3200K and 4000K white as well as white to red and white to blue colour switching.

The SMD module is a less expensive alternative in our Power LED range. The SMD LED module represents excellent value for money, achieving a practical balance of performance and style. It is an excellent choice for those looking to use an LED solution whilst keeping an eye on costs. As standard, our SMD LED modules come in 3200K and 4000K white.

For situations where power consumption is not an issue, our G4 halogen models continue to be a good choice. They provide an excellent light output and are cost effective.

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