Maintenance & Support

Gineico Marine - Quick Gyro Maintenance Chart

Minimal Maintenance

The unique design feature that differentiates Quick Gyros is the simple vertically spinning mass. Unlike other gyroscopic stabiliser on the market that spin the mass horizontally, the unique vertically spinning mass design of Quick Gyros delivers market leading anti-roll performance from the most compact gyro stabilisers on the market that are also virtually maintenance free.


This simple design of Quick gyros eliminates the need for complex systems like a vacuum chamber, heat exchanger, brake bushings, expensive hydraulic rams to control the pitch of the bow or sacrificial anodes and cooling pumps that need inspection and maintenance every 3 months. In fact there is no yearly service requirement!


Our compact and simple design works like the tyre of your childhood bicycle.


All critical components are easily accessible and the only routine maintenance required is visual inspection to make sure the gyro remains securely fixed to the structure of the vessel and periodic greasing of the bearing housings that can be done by anyone.


Should repairs be required, Quick Gyros are designed to be serviced and or reinstated without the need for the gyro to be removed from the vessel or to have critical components sent away. This means when you choose a Quick gyro for your vessel, you are also choosing years of cost free and hassle free operation.

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