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Hydraulic gangways, fly and stern cranes, pilot seats, side doors and patio doors, ladders and balconies
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Besenzoni has established the widest product range available on the market: external hydraulic and retracting gangways, cranes for flybridge and stern, pilot seats, electric side doors and Patio doors, hydraulic bathing ladders and side ladders, hard tops, bimini tops and tent parasol, tender slides, electric opening windows, hydraulic tender lifts and much more.

8 collections gather today over 170 products. Made in the industrial units owned by Besenzoni, with the usual attention to detail, enriched by technological solutions and innovative design, they establish the widest product range available on the market.

The Besenzoni Collection

Besenzoni Service & Maintenance

Developed in the Besenzoni Design Center with scrupulous attention to the ergonomics of the seat , these products are manufactured in the Paratico production plant with fine quality, innovative raw materials such as carbon fibre, leather, aluminium, steel and leatherette. They are made for both indoor and outdoor steering stations. The range is divided into three main lines: Automatic Helm Seats, Seats for workboats, Seating and Sofas. A wide range of possible movements and adjustments guarantee a posture which is correct as well as being comfortable and efficient for steering.

The range is transversal and goes from the basic and essential Manual gangways to a high range of Retractable Hydraulic three stages bridges and rotating bridges. Designed for double use, bridge and crane for launching / recovering tenders and water-toys. Know-how, patents and ongoing research are the basis to guarantee safety in every aspect, always paying close attention on the aesthetic side of the product. LED courtesy lights, no-slip inserts and the frontal lights are stylish details, not only for aesthetics but also for functionality.

Besenzoni ladders are all manufactured using high quality materials such as stainless steel ,Carbon Fibre and teak making them extremely durable and reliable. Bathing and boarding ladders : there are many different configurations available from manual drop in models to fully automated concealed hydraulic letterbox models which can rotate once extended. The choice is extensive suitable for sailboats and motor yachts. For larger yachts both fixed and rotating ladders have the option of self adjusting steps to optimise safety whilst boarding and proximity sensors can be fitted to let the captain know if the ladder is deployed. For large boats, and superyachts Besenzoni realizes King stepladders that retract into the housing box or hide in the bulwark.

The Besenzoni collection of Table Bases is wide and varied, and divided into four different lines: Manually operated and Gas-Powered Table Bases: ideal for all types of boats, they can be used both outdoors and indoors. Precise and discreet, they do not need to be connected to the power supply and are also produced in a removable version. Electrically Adjustable Table Bases and Hydraulically Adjustable Table Bases: the automatic vertical, hydraulic movement guarantees silence and clean lines. The Table Bases are manufactured using anodized light alloy structures, polished or painted stainless steel, and they are completed with horizontal telescopic devices to support the table when opened.

Besenzoni tender recover and launching systems are studied for the handling of water toys and tenders, up to 2 tons in weight. The whole collection of Besenzoni recovering and launching systems has been developed to respond the need of facilitating, simplifying and rationalizing the technical operations of recovering and launching, ensuring safety and security.

The hydraulic swim platforms collection has been developed to simplify and rationalize the operation of a hydraulic swim platform to ensure optimal safety. Every hydraulic swim paltform is the result of accurate design, attention to aesthetic and functional details: from the slides and the shifting rollers with hydraulic movement incorporated in the motoryacht garage or transom, to the new compact hauling systems advisable for low headroom garages.

Doors and Windows need to be designed with the utmost care and attention and manufactured with the greatest precision. The customer’s requirements are assessed in detail with a view to devising suitable, tailor-made solutions in line with the aesthetic standards demanded by the architects and the technical requirements demanded by the shipyards during the installation phase. A meticulous study on the engineering of the project, a prototype with specifications that anticipate final production, and ultimately the product itself, always constructed with supremely functional raw materials. A quality path for the production of the Door to the saloon, Side Doors, Windows and Companionways which become an integral part of the naval architecture.

The collection of Besenzoni handling systems offer unexpected solutions, able to transform and increase the space onboard. Kinematic mechanisms for the opening of stern doors (able to bear burdens up to 2 tons of weight) can convert the door into a bathing platform, a lounge bar or a fitness area at water’s edge. These systems – widely tested – are created to fulfill the wishes of designers and ship’s owners ; the Work Team follows the project from the beginning directing the customer to the most appropriate solutions in terms of reliability and design and ensuring the highest quality standards.



Tradition and innovation

Besenzoni Spa was founded in 1967 by Giovanni Besenzoni. The company was birthed out of a deep love for designing superbly crafted accessories for yachts. All manufacturing was outsourced in the early days, however as they grew and continued to invent, they built their own production facilities.


Their expertise in the design, production and management of accessories for yachts is categorised into 8 extensive collections comprising of over 170 products. Additionally they currently hold over 60 patents for their designs.

Besenzoni are known around the world for their unusual attention to detail as their team weave together aesthetic innovative design with technological solutions to bring added beauty and functional accessories to the nautical market.

Reliability & Precision

Always at the forefront

Besenzoni is synonymous with SAFETY, RELIABILITY, INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY.


The marriage of these four words have been the driving force of Giovanni Besenzoni’s vision and processes. He has set new standards for the nautical industry as he has responded to client requests, and whilst out on the water himself, he has experienced situations that have needed smart creative solutions.


Due to the flexibility of the Besenzoni operation, nautical accessories have ranged from custom-made engineered accessories to series production for global distribution.

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