Besenzoni Aquarius automatic swin ladder
Besenzoni Aquarius automatic swin ladder Besenzoni-SI-407-Aquarius-Gineico-Marine-1 Besenzoni-SI-407-Aquarius-Gineico-Marine-2

SI407 Aquarius Automatic Retractable Swim Ladder

Aquarius automatic retractable swim ladder, ideal for sailing of motorboats.  The structure in painted or polished stainless steel with self-leveling aluminium steps with non-slip inserts.

It can be customized by inserting teak steps. Supplied with single of double row of removable manual stanchions of comfortable automatic stanchions with rigid handrails.  A sensor is inserted that signals on the cockpit the presence of the ladder in the water.

More Details
  • Automatic retractable swim ladder
  • Structure made in polished or powder coated stainless steel
  • Self leveling steps made in aluminium with no-slip inserts
  • Downward inclination 55°
  • Sensor to alert when the ladder is in the water
  • Aluminium housing box, not watertight
  • Combined with electro hydraulic control unit
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