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Coordinated Styling Down To The Last Detail

Whatever your style, you can’t dispense with detail. Vimar offers a vast range of cover plates to frame our control devices. Available in a wide variety of materials, colours, shapes and finishes, they complement any setting and coordinate with the most specific interior design styles.

In-cabin style: Vimar has the perfect balance of design and technology. Precise, advanced and designed to meet every need: Vimar’s devices channel the latest interior design trends, even on the open sea. And thanks to their top-class performance, operating in-cabin electrical equipment is all pleasure, no effort.

Supreme comfort. All you have to do is stretch out your hand and you can raise or lower your blinds or roller shutters, or adjust the slats on your sunbreak until everything is just as you want it.

It’s your cabin: you choose how to control it. Lighting, automation, sound signals: it’s all a breeze to manage, with a set of custom controls that caters in full to the most specific needs.

Featuring The Vimar Ranges

The IDEA Range – The refined face of energy

An exceptionally refined, contemporary classic, Idea encapsulates beauty within its graceful contours. Available in two versions – the more rigorous Classica and the softer Rondò – it offers the utmost compositional freedom, to complement the most originally styled settings.

Idea is the exclusive embodiment of flawless refinement. Walking the line between classic and contemporary, its iconic beauty comes with limitless compositional freedom, thanks to a range of over 200 functions, 51 colours and four different materials.

The ARKE Range – Contemporary now and always

Contemporary design is the hallmark of this cover plate, available in both the Round version – with soft, rounded shapes – and the Classic version, with clean lines and square-cut corners. Simple yet modern and long-lasting, Arké has a strong identity, making it the ideal solution for modern needs.

By expressing a universal aesthetic that transcends fashion, the styling of Arké is always current and strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and identity. Because it has the right mix of character, expressiveness and attention to detail.

The EIKON Range –  Smart technology, smart styling

Premium quality, distinctive design. That’s Eikon. Where every idea of beauty, including technological beauty, reaches its highest peak: impeccable looks and advanced features combine to produce simply extraordinary results.

Elegance, originality and classic style, plus state-of-the-art technology and functionality. These are the hallmarks of the four distinct spirits of Eikon. Four lines with different designs, dimensions and finishes, that all share a common feature: superlative energy management.

The PLANA Range – Clean lines, evocative colours

Minimal in its clean-cut shapes, but characterised by a bubbly radiance, Plana is a natural complement to every environment, because of its appealing materials, such as Reflex and a broad colour palette that lends itself to all kinds of combinations.

Simplicity is a way of life for Plana and its understated rigour reflects its straightforward approach to managing energy. Plus, it comes in a range of materials and a rich palette of colours that’s as fresh and bright as the combinations it spawns.


Marine Solutions – Putting the Wind in your Sails with their Positive Energy

With over 70 years of history and a culture built on clear, solid values: is Vimar’s key to outstanding quality, which combines valuable expertise with a profound appreciation for innovation and design, and a willingness to embrace the new. This winning mix generates the positive energy that embodies their philosophy and has become their hallmark.


Iconic design.
Vimar works closely with renowned designers so that they evolve in line with changing trends in architecture. This is the starting point for our iconic designs, consisting of harmonious geometric forms and carefully conceived finishes that enhance the style of every setting.

Technological Innovation

Bringing you comfort, control, safety and energy efficiency

Advanced technology.
Vimar is constantly evolving because they’re constantly innovating generating real benefits. The result is technologically advanced solutions that are easy to use, simple to install and compatible with an extensive range of third-party systems.


Made in Italy.
Italy is Vimar’s home, where they create, design and manufacture their products, because they believe in the all-round prowess that lies behind the ‘Made in Italy’ label. In every arena – from materials, to colourways, to electronics – they stand out for the style and technology that speaks their language the world over. The result is a unique blend of aesthetic quality and technological reliability.


International character.
Italian by origin, international by choice. Vimar has a global presence with direct sales subsidiaries and networks of distributors in key locations, serving over 100 countries worldwide.

Gineico Marine are suppliers for all Vimar switches & components for Riviera, Maritimo, Sunseeker, Benetti, Azimut, San Lorenzo, Sunseeker, Horizon, Princess and Ferretti luxury motor yachts.

Vimar Style & Automation - marine solutions
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