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4 good reasons to choose a Quick stabilizer


As Discussed in the Article written by Gioacchino Ferrari Aug 04, 2020 on Yachting Media

If you think that gyro stabilizers are all the same, you’re wrong. Indeed, there are some important differences, both conceptual and technological, between the various models available on the market and making the right choice, when you choose to install this useful accessory on your boat, is essential.
Quick Spa, the Italian multinational company of nautical equipment, produces a gyro stabilizer that, thanks to its efficient and innovative technology, is literally conquering the global market.
Faced with such a widespread phenomenon, we have decided to investigate the reasons that have led Quick to remove the old leader of the American market from the throne where he was so placidly gloating.
There are at least four reasons why, in our opinion, boaters from all over the world have started to prefer Quick stabilizers.

MC2 Quick Gyro X25 - Stabilization test on a 20-meter yacht

MC2 QUICK GYRO X25 – Stabilization test on a 20-meter yacht

As Discussed in the Article written by Luca D’ambrosio Dec 18, 2019 on Yachting Media

Gyroscopic stabilizers have become an increasingly indispensable accessory. Similarly to steering joysticks, initially received with skepticism and then become a standard, these accessories, too, have definitely won the trust of boat owners and, today, are happily used on most yachts.

It is not that modern boats roll a lot, it is quite the opposite, but the the growing diffusion of yachting and an increasingly uncertain weather subject the yachts to wave movements that, when possible, it is very convenient to reduce.


A Question Of Balance - Quick Gyro

A Question Of Balance – Quick Gyro

As Discussed in the magazine article written by Fabio Petrone February 2020 in the The One

Because they eliminate roll and make life aboard so much more pleasant, stabilisers have become something of a must even for smaller craft. Now Quick has developed the MC² range to steady everything from tenders to superyachts.

Whenever technology pushes a boundary and changes the state-of-the-art of an object or system, it creates new standards that we quickly become used to, particularly if they improve our quality of life. Once you have tried out certain things that make life easier, you simply never look back. This is a time when boats are changing rapidly thanks to digitalisation which is driving us in the direction of Yachting 4.0. In recent years, stabilisation systems have radically improved onboard comfort. Aside from the fin systems used more commonly on large and very large pleasure yachts, regular motoryachts tend to use gyroscopic systems.


Everyone's crazy-(cut)-tabilizer (even on small boats)

Everyone’s crazy about the gyro stabilizer! (even on small boats)

As Discussed in the article written on April 6th 2020 in the website BarcheaMotore 

The success of the stabilizers has now made them a highly desirable option, for some indispensable, on board. Among the most popular are the Quick Gyro stabilizers by Quick, an Italian company that produces nautical accessories that are exported all over the world.
Quick Gyro gyro stabilizer: the advantages
Quick’s boat stabilizers are taking this accessory to smaller and smaller boats. Even a boat of just 28 feet, just over 8 meters, can mount a Quick gyro stabilizer on board, in particular the MC² Quick Gyro X2.
This work has not gone unnoticed at the shipyard level and there are many builders who have entered into partnerships such as Monte Carlo Yachts, Cantiere del Pardo (for the Pardo Yachts motor line) just to name a few.
By mounting a suitable gyroscope on board, the basic fact is exploited that it has a certain ability to react to the annoying roll generated by the wave motion by transferring part of the energy to a less annoying plane (e.g. on the pitching plane).


“Quick Gyro: reliable stability”, the new video on Quick gyro stabilizers

A video that, through images, words and emotions, tells the true essence of Quick Gyro stabilizers. An amazing documentary film that Quick Spa, the international leader of marine accessories, is pleased to announce to its customers all over the world and to all those who would like to equip their own boats with a gyroscopic stabilizer, the importance of which is clearly explained by Quick Spa in this film with great visual and narrative impact.

From in-house manufacturing to the reasons that underline some of the company’s important collaborations and achievements of recent years, the new video, entitled Quick Gyro: reliable stability, fully illustrates what Quick Spa President and CEO Michele Marzucco defines as ” our gem.

  • In both recreational & commercial craft, new builds & retrofit, stabilizers prove their worth, reducing vessel roll & increasing onboard comfort, safety & improved fuel economy. Along with skipper & crew fatigue....

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