The Captain Quick Gyro Sea Trial

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The Captain Quick Gyro Sea Trial

This is the first independent sea trial of our Quick Gyro by THE CAPTAIN – watch the video.

The Details:

    • Quick Gyro   X16  fitted on the Boston Whaler 420 Outrage
    • Sea trial on Sydney Harbour, Australia
Gineico Marine_The Captain Sea Trial Quick Gyro Stabiliser Sydney Harbour
Gineico Marine_The Captain Sea Trial Quick Gyro Stabiliser
Gineico Marine_The Captain Sea Trial Quick Gyro Stabiliser South Head

The Boston Whaler 420 Outrage was built in Florida and is a bit of an all-rounder; a family friendly boat and entertainer, more than 13 metres in length with a generous beam of nearly 4 metres.

Quick Gyro Stabilisers are built in Ravenna, Italy. Ravenna is the home of Italian precision engineering, where Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati were born.

We have 13 models in the range, that’s the biggest range of gyroscopic stabilizers in the world; and we have more models than any other brand. The Quick Gyros start at 2,000 newton metres of torque and go right up to 75,000 newton metres of torque.

Simply put, a gyroscopic stabilizer means that you can go boating any day you like and confidently take your family and friends with you because you can always count on the fact that the boat is going to be comfortable. fitting a Quick Gyro also means you’re going to significantly reduce the risk of seasickness from anybody that’s joining you.

It really makes boating a no-brainer – if the boys want to go out for the day and be out there overnight to enjoy the fishing as long as possible, the gyroscopic stabilizer provides total total control of the vessel, and means you could be fishing in a 3 metre swell without a problem in the world if you get the right size gyro for the boat.

The Quick Gyro used on this vessel is the X16. It generates about 16 000 newton metres of anti-roll torque but the footprint is only 590 mm square! It’s a tiny little box compared to our competitor models.

The quick gyro is 30% smaller across the different anti-roll torque sizes and unlike other brands out there, you’re not cutting holes in the bottom of your boat to get water cooling access, you don’t have pumps, you don’t have anodes, and you don’t have a series of very expensive servicing requirements on a yearly basis.

The machine is very compact, it’s very simple to install, it’s very simple to maintain, it gives you full control, it gives you standby mode at the touch of a button. All these features make it an easy and enjoyable day out on the water.


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⚓ No vessel should leave a marina without a Quick Gyro on board!



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