Quick Gyro Stabilization for Trailer Boats

Quick Gyro Stabilizer is the smallest, simplest and smartest gyro on the market.

SICK OF SEA SICKNESS? We have all been there….. Sun is shining, the fish are biting, the day is perfect for enjoying the water and fun times with family and friends. Then the boat starts rocking and rolling… and in a blink of the eye little Johnny (why is it always Johnny and why is he always little?) loses his lunch! Even better, he was aiming for the side of the boat but didn’t quite make it…There goes your day!

WHAT IF YOU HAD A QUICK GYRO STABILISER? Instead of rocking and rolling you would have activated your Quick Gyro back at the boat ramp. That’s right…. the Quick Gyro is air cooled (unlike other brands that are water cooled) so switching the gyro on while you wait to launch your boat means no waiting around for the gyro to spool-up after you launch. With the Quick Gyro ‘on’ you experience market leading roll reduction, keeping your family and friends happy and safe on the water. Most importantly, keeping little Johnny’s lunch in his stomach!

Quick Gyro Boat Stabilizers Gineico Marine

Enjoy a stress-free day on the boat every time you take it out. 

WHY IS THE QUICK GYRO STABILISER THE BEST? Our Gyros are SMALLER than any other gyro on the market, so they are easy to install in boats as little as 20 feet. Quick Gyros patented vertically spinning mass means a SIMPLER design that is easy to use and offers up to 95% roll reduction. Our gyros have far fewer moving parts, no vacuum chambers, no heat exchanger, no sacrificial anodes and no pumps or strainers. As a result, lower ongoing maintenance and associated costs make Quick Gyros the SMARTER choice.

With a Quick Gyro you can simply enjoy your boating.



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Boat Stabilizer

Download the MC²X Quick Gryo
Stabilizer Brochure