Partner Profile with Maritimo


Partner Profile with Maritimo

Maritimo Luxury Motor Yachts and Gineico Marine

” Gineico Marine was founded on family values, trust and product innovation. The perfect partner for Maritimo who are inspired by:

 – a lifelong passion for performance,

 – to build integrity

 – and innovative design that stands the test of time” – PG, Gineico Marine

Maritimo M75_Quick Gyro Stabiliser

A five-decade relationship, founded on family values, trust and product innovation.

Author: Maritimo


It was the year 1976 when Bruno Gambacorti first landed on the shores of Australia from Italy to then return a year later to formally set up operations as Gambacorti Italian Nautical Export Import Co (now known as Gineico Marine), in French’s Forrest, NSW. It wasn’t long before a relationship was formed with Bill Barry-Cotter and Gineico became the preferred provider to supply a wide array of quality Italian designed and manufactured products.

A recent conversation with the founder’s son, Pierluigi (PG), touched on Gineico’s long working relationship with Bill along the way, as well as Maritimo for the last 20 years, and some of the key ingredients that has made it such a mutually successful one for both organisations. Of course, ultimately it is Maritimo owners who are the end beneficiaries.

“Gineico is an Italian family-owned business. For us it’s about being able to meet the person that you’re dealing with, shake hands, sit at a table and discuss something and then agree on an outcome. You know who you’re dealing with. It also means that when things go wrong, and things can go wrong, what matters is that you’ve got people that stand firmly behind their product, right? Quality products and quality after sales service. Looking after clients once that stuff has been sold. This is at the core of who we are,” stated PG.

“Resolving problems often forges stronger relationships than if nothing ever went wrong. It’s an opportunity always to build a stronger relationship. Bill has often commented on the fact that we have an after sales service that’s second to none. And that’s why we’ve been in the business for 50 years,” he added.

“Keeping things simple is one of the keys to making things reliable. Simplicity is a form of innovation. Take our Idromar Watermakers, for instance. They’re refreshingly devoid of fancy CPUs, printed circuit boards, and other overly complex components. This keeps it simple, and no unnecessary frills means it is easier to operate and costs less to service or replace. It’s a straightforward system through and through.

“Idromar was the first one in the world to be manufactured fully from stainless steel. There’s no plastic and no aluminium. Obviously stainless steel in a marine environment is a good way to start. It was the first water maker that had the full remote control, which meant easy operation from upstairs for the owner. They don’t have to go downstairs to tweak the pressure when you start or when you switch off the unit, and it was the first one to have self-priming pumps, so you can make fresh water while you’re underway.”

“So, you can take off from, say, Sydney Harbour with a full tank of fuel and virtually no water in your holding tanks. And as you’re out in the open ocean and you’re coming towards Pittwater, you turn your water maker on and when you get to Pittwater, you’ve got full water tanks. It’s a lighter load and therefore a more fuel-efficient journey for the operator.”

“Equally, if you look at our gyroscopic stabiliser and compare it to the other brands on the market, the first fact you notice is that it’s air cooled and not water cooled. If you tell anybody that owns a boat that this gyro is air cooled and that gyro is water cooled, and ask them which would you rather have in terms of servicing and reliability?”

“Innovation is at the core of both Gineico and Maritimo. If it enhances the boat or elevates the owner’s experience, it delivers superior results, then this undoubtedly enhances the joy of a day out on the water. After all, isn’t that what boating is all about?”

“The future for Maritimo is fantastic because they continue to innovate. They continue to lead the way. Right from the very beginning Bill set the benchmark, and if you’re going to set a benchmark, then you’ve got to use good quality products from reputable companies. It’s as simple as that. Maritimo’s reputation is on the line too, as is ours. In this way owners know the people that Maritimo choose to partner with have to talk the talk, and walk the walk!”

“At the end of the day it’s a reflection on them as well as us, so you work hand in hand together, don’t you?”

About Gineico Products


Gineico Marine has long been committed to working with partners who share our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. Idromar Watermakers are a testament to Italian quality, innovation and engineering excellence. No wonder then that in 2007 Idromar Watermakers were endorsed by Bill Barry-Cotter, founder of Maritimo, who lauds its unparalleled reliability and efficiency. To this day Idromar is the preferred brand of water maker at Maritimo because of its quality, ease of operation and unmatched reliability.

In our relentless pursuit of innovation and knowing that a Maritimo Motor Yacht customer expects high performance, as well as easy operation and minimal maintenance, we knew that the Quick Gyroscopic stabilisers would be a game-changer.

The patented, revolutionary, vertical spinning design of the Quick Gyro sets it apart. The Quick gyros are 30% smaller than other brands, deploy a simple, low maintenance air-cooled operation, and their adaptive precession delivers market leading roll reduction performance in any seas, without all the hassles. A perfect example was a recently launched Maritimo M55, where a Quick X30 gyro (with an unmatched 30,333 Nm of anti-rolling torque) delivered an amazing 97% reduction in choppy, rough seas in the Gold Coast seaway.


⚓ No vessel should leave a marina without a Quick Gyro on board!




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