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Established in 1969, Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers is a global market leader in the international marine sector supplying pumps, fans and blowers for luxury boats, work boats, and small military craft from 10 to 120 meters in length. Recently, the company has introduced products and solutions suitable for other areas such as treatment systems, circulation, water heating and cooling.


The Giannecshi range offers a vast collection of marine pumps, water heaters as well as AC fans and blowers. This professional range is manufactured specifically for the marine market, and therefore can easily be supplied to comply with any naval registry requirement. The manufacturer can deliver the pump already certified.


Products like the customisable ventilation systems and certified fire shutters can be supplied with full logic monitoring systems which allow the crew to remotely control fan speed and direction to ensure optimum engine pressure and thereby engine performance.


The Gianneschi technical department is constantly studying and developing innovative and technologically advanced solutions for a perfect match to the marine environment. Gianneschi can provide individual products or complete packages of pumps, water pressure systems, blowers, fans, water heaters, engine pumps, air compressors, and fire shutters. All Gianneschi products are individually tested before they are shipped to ensure quality and reliability.

Gianneschi marine pumps, fans and blowers are suitable for pleasure craft, commercial craft and military vessels from 10 to 120m in length.


Gianneschi marine pumps and blowers are a popular brand installed in Australian built boats as well as the majority of luxury and commercial vessels built in Europe and Asia. Speak to our team about the best solution for your boat and use a marine grade pump or fan as opposed to an agricultural or domestic grade pump.




Gineico Marine is the exclusive distributor for Gianneschi products throughout Australia, and our team are here to help you with sales, spares and servicing.


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