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Titan Link Fitting System

Titan link is a brand-new system which allows the fitting of Titan Carbon Poles without any holes on the deck nor welding or bolting, and even without any visible screws, even for positions where you cannot place sockets.

Available for Titan and matching with the design and style of stainless-steel handrails, it is composed in two parts.
The Handrail Support is fitted on the handrail (from 30 mm to 51.5 mm in diameter) in just a minute, without any welding or hole.

The Base Plate is installed by simply screwing six screws, in about five to ten minutes.


More Details

The benefits are not just saving labour time (and costs) for the installation, but also:

  • Saving deck space, for the benefit of guests and crew
  • Avoiding drilling large holes on the deck, preserving the deck intact
  • Increasing shaded area
  • Use of smaller poles than usually needed: being smaller they are also lighter, cheaper, safer and easier to stove and deploy
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