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Mini Compact Senior Horizontal Watermaker


With a fresh water production ranging from 250 to 625 litres per hour, the MINI COMPACT senior horizontal series is the Idromar solution that allows 2 systems to operate simultaneously or independently.


The 4 models of the Senior series, while still maintaining small dimensions and low electricity consumption, can be divided into several parts for easy maintenance and fully adaptable to the spaces available. The Senior series watermakers are equipped with alarm devices that intervene even in case of false maneuver

More Details

Models Include:

  • MC5S – 250 litres per hour (minimum)
  • MC7S – 320 litres per hour (minimum)
  • MC9S – 375 litres per hour (minimum)
  • MC12S – 500 litres per hour (minimum)
  • MC15S – 675 litres per hour (minimum)


The Idromar range are fully automatic reverse osmosis watermakers. The remote control panel is included, together with automatic flush and automatic purge features.


Constructed from 316L stainless steel: from small details such as screws, bolts and nuts, the entire frame, the vessels that contain the membranes and the head of the high pressure pump, built in stainless steel to eliminate the phenomenon of corrosion.


NOTE: Output can be increased for each model by purchasing additional membranes. Speak to our Team about your requirements.