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MC² X7 DC Quick Gyro

The X7 DC has been designed to be installed on smaller size boats. Perfect for center console or small size day boats, they are 12V DC battery powered. The Quick Gyro MC² X7 DC is extremely light in weight and a very compact design. Guaranteed easy ‘plug and play’ installation for both new boats or when retro-fitting.


Anti-rolling torque: 6678 N-m

Power: 700-1200 W max

Dimensions: 475 x 475 x 575 mm



The Quick MC² Gyro stabilisers reduce the roll of a boat by up to 95%. They are very effective both at anchor and while the vessel is underway.


The range is designed to meet every need, from the smallest boat (day cruise or center console) to a superyacht. Smaller and simpler than other brands of Gyro stabilisers, the Quick MC² Gyros can be easily positioned in new designs or refit to existing vessels.

Available on back-order | LEAD TIME: 4 - 6 weeks

More Details

Quick MC² Gyros offer unique characteristics. Here are some key features:


• Market leading roll reduction performance of up to 95%
• Compact design makes it easy to install
• Dynamic precession control
• Can be operated in any sea state and at any vessel speed
• Instant gyro stand-by mode at the touch of a button
• Lower spin speed means less noise
• Faster spool up as well as faster “switch off and walk away” spool down
• Minimal maintenance (no yearly service program)
• Quick MC² Touch Remote Control
• Quick MC² Mobile App (iOS and Android). Monitor your boats performance from your smart phone or tablet
• QNN Interface (optional). Control your gyro through your Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad screens



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