How quality Marine Water Pumps improve life onboard your boat

How quality Marine Water Pumps improve life onboard your boat

What does a water pump do on a boat?

Marine water pumps are a critical component of anything that floats. Beneath their superstructure, boats are comprised of various complex systems, integrated and separated, so that the vessel operates smoothly.

Pumps circulate various types of fluids inside machinery and systems for the purpose of cooling, heating, lubrication, and as fuel.

For over 50 years, Italian company Gianneschi has manufactured a superior range of pumps, autoclaves, motor pumps, fans and blowers, for recreational yachts and commercial craft around the globe.

The Giannecshi range offers a vast collection of pumps and ventilation solutions for vessels from 12 to 120-metres in length. Giannecshi pumps can manage fresh water, sea water, grey water and black water. INcluded in the range are heavy-duty macerator pumps, circulation pumps for AC systems, fire suppression pumps and oil/fuel transfer pumps.

The Gianneschi range of fans and blowers are equally extensive. From computer-controlled systems that regulate air flow based on engine room pressure and temperature to heavy duty blowers that are world leaders in performance. Gianneschi has a solution to suit any yacht.

Gianneschi is a world leader in the specific marine sector as opposed to other manufacturers that produce pumps or fans for agriculture and industrial applications, and then adapt those products to marine applications. This means market leading performance and reliability.

Market leading performance and reliability

Quality design and precise manufacturing matter

Gianneschi is a world leader in this specific marine pumps and fans sector.

Gianneschi  is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. All pumps, fans and blowers are manufactured to exceed Naval registry certification requirements.  Gianneschi products are labelled with their own serial numbers and each one is performance tested before it is sent to the client.

Gianneschi can supply pumps with approval certificates if required.

After Sales Support

Gineico have an extensive stock of Gianneschi pumps, fans, blowers, spare parts and technical support to ensure our clients can count on the ongoing performance and reliability of these products.

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