What is better, LED or Halogen?

What is better, LED or Halogen?

What’s the difference in energy savings between halogen and LED?

To move from halogen to LED is a no brainer with savings in wattage consumption, heat generation and maintenance costs.

As an example, a standard 50 Watt halogen downlight globe can now be replaced with a 7 Watt LED, equating to an 86% savings.

This savings benefits the client in a multitude of ways:

  • Reduced electricity costs
    • we pay per kW/hr of electricity used, by switching to LED in this instance would save the client 86% of this ongoing cost
  • Reduced heat generation
    • Leading to reduced cooling needs and associated costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
    • A standard halogen globe lasts between 2,000-10,000 hours whereas an LED equivalent last 25,000-50,000 hours
    • Fewer globe changes equate to a reduced cost in globes themselves and the cost of labour to change

Dimming LED’s?

But you can’t dim LED’s I hear you ask – false, you can if you chose a dimmable LED that is compatible with your choice of dimmer.

But I like a nice warm light – great, LED’s are available in warm white, cool white, tunable white and anything in between.

But LED globes or LED fittings cost more – they may, but the capital cost is quickly recouped by the operational savings listed above.

LED Globes and fittings with built-in LEDs are firmly established as the market standard.

What is the right LED light for my boat?

Gineico have an extensive collection of marine grade downlights, courtesy lights, wall reading lights, LED strip lights and exterior tube lights.

We stock globes and bulbs to suit a variety of marine light fittings.

Discuss your project with our team and receive all the technical support to ensure the best option.

With Gineico you can count on the guaranteed ongoing performance and reliability of our lighting products.

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